Films at 59, is an award-winning independently owned  Pre and Post production house based in Bristol.

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Delivering across all genres: Specialist Factual, Factual Entertainment, Drama, Children’s and Documentary, Films at 59 provide a creative and cost-effective range of Pre and Post production services for film and TV programme makers. 
Unique in providing both Camera Hire and Post-Production services Films at 59 has been the post production partner of choice in Bristol for over 20 years.
At every level the company is dedicated to providing production teams with the environment in which to fulfill their creative ambitions, and to ensure that from camera hire to post production the process runs smoothly and efficiently. Our commitment to developing our staff and facilities has made us one of the most successful post production facilities in the country.


Films at 59 provide Location Filming Support, Equipment Hire and Full Vision Post Production for BBC One’s 3 part Drama based on the true story of grooming and abuse in Rochdale.

Staring Maxine Peake and Lesley Sharp these three 1 hour episodes focus on the story of grooming and abuse inflicted on these teenage girls, and how the system built to protect them let them down.

Based in Rochdale, the drama unravels the girls devastating story during 5 years between 2008 and 2012 and how they finally got their voices heard. This challenging drama was created with the blessing and help from the families involved – with the hope it may help others who are suffering.

Films at 59 Hire Client manager Dave Wride:-  “After extensively testing various camera systems with DOP Matt Gray BSC for the Three girls production The Films at 59 Hire department   supported the shoot by renting a 2 x Arri Amira in  Drama guise  with Arri  Ultra Prime’s & uncoated super-speeds as the chosen lenses.

We wanted to  ensure the camera set up stayed as light as possible  for  hand held use and  help to maintain that the style & look of the shoot was in keeping with the  subject matter  and give it a more realistic  drama-doco feel as required by the DOP.”

Films at 59 Colourist Tony Osborne:- Matt Gray (the DOP) and I had done some grade tests early on where we were experimenting with a somewhat stylised ‘contrasty’ look which involved adding blue into the blacks and warming the highlights.

When we came to do the grades however I used a different technique to complement Matt Gray’s approach to the cinematography. He used a very naturalistic approach to avoid the “lit” look of so many TV dramas.

As the footage was shot Arri LogC I used an ARRI LUT at around fifty percent opacity to give us a good starting point for the grade. This got us away from the “loggy” look of the footage with a very pleasing rendition of flesh tone, crucial for us on this project, but without being too ‘contrasty’, a little like a film print look, but not overdone. During

the grade an important factor was to carefully tread the line between dark shadowy faces where we lose detail and overly light faces, to preserve the intention of Matt and Philippa the director.

Additional grading work was done to de-emphasise certain colours or areas of the frame which “popped” a little too much.

Three Girls airs on BBC One Tuesday 16 May, Wednesday 17th May and Thursday 18th May. 9-10pm