Films at 59 Bristol, is an award-winning independently owned  Pre and Post production house.

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Delivering across all genres: Specialist Factual, Factual Entertainment, Drama, Children’s and Documentary, Films at 59 provide a creative and cost-effective range of Pre and Post production services for film and TV programme makers. 
Unique in providing both Camera Hire and Post-Production services Films at 59 has been the post production partner of choice in Bristol for over 20 years.
At every level the company is dedicated to providing production teams with the environment in which to fulfill their creative ambitions, and to ensure that from camera hire to post production the process runs smoothly and efficiently. Our commitment to developing our staff and facilities has made us one of the most successful post production facilities in the country.


Sony FS7 Workshop: Wednesday 20th September at Films at 59, Bristol
Do you want to know why they are selling like hot cakes? Why is everyone wanting to use them? Have you been asked to use an FS7?
A day’s training with an FS7 with someone who uses it!
I think with the FS7 we are closer than ever before to being able to record colour, shadows and highlights as they really are. All the things we respond to in the real World…
Jeremy Humphries is a practising BBC trained documentary Director of Photography with over 30 years’ experience. His credits include Hunted and Kevin McCloud’s Escape to the Wild. His company Skills2Film provides camera craft training to clients ranging from the castaways on the Bear Grylls, The Island series for Channel 4, to the BBC and Sony. The training is based on Jeremy’s knowledge – illustrated by his own work – taken from the location to the workshop. This training will enable you to utilise your FS7, to engage your audience and to tell your story better.
Topics include:
• The FS7 sensor and how we use depth of field
• Lens choice
• Using prime lenses
• 4K and 2K explained
• What is S-Log and how to expose it?
• Holding focus while shooting observational
• You will ‘build’ the camera and learn what the markings in the viewfinder mean
• You will learn how to set up the menu for your shoot
• You will learn how to use and program the facia buttons
We will shoot practical exercises with the FS7 – an interview and an obs doc scene:
• Who to film when five people are talking at once!
• How to create scenes that will edit!
• Why is handheld filming so much more ‘engaging’?
• Colour temperature and mixed light explained
• Why is the combination of sensor and lens crucial to your storytelling?
• Not letting the technology distract
• Interviews and eyelines and vanishing points
• Using available light, contrast and reflectors
• Crucial – at the end we review material shot and discuss!
This workshop is for those who have shooting experience, though not necessarily on the FS7.
Costs: £200/day + VAT
Time: 1000-1700
Location: Films at 59, Bristol.
Everyone has told me how fantastically useful your training was. Much appreciated. I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits now! Deputy Editor, Newsround, BBC Salford.
For booking details contact: jeremy@skills2film.com