Denise Perrin

Offline Editor

Denise Perrin

Denise has experience editing both Avid and Final Cut Pro. She started her editing career in London as a staff editor at the BBC working across a wide range of genres: current affairs, magazine programmes, education, children’s series to single documentaries and series. She became a freelance editor in 1995 and relocated to Bristol in 2000.

Denise excels in working for productions that require quick turnover, strong editorial input, and an understanding of budgetary restrictions. Self shooting for directors is now common practice, but carries with it a need for quick assessment of the rushes and the limitations of the material on offer. Denise has experience of all these pressures and responsibilities and an understanding of how productions requirements impact on all involved. More recently she has been a mentor for junior editors as part of South West Screen’s “Second Screen” Skillset course and helps with project work for an environmental project out in the Chew Valley between editing jobs.

Flooded Britain Winner of British Environment and Media Awards, Best TV Documentary ……. the story- human, grounded in emotion and the everyday- was so compelling that science and politics were easily absorbed by the viewer

Extreme Lives-Cannibals and Crampons Winner of Grand Prize 2002 Banff Festival of Mountain Films




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