James Marshall

Freelance Offline Editor

James Marshall

Based in Bath and London, I have been editing for over 18 years and using Avid and Final Cut Pro since they came out. I have cut programmes in most styles and genres. I would say that I am fast and decisive yet flexible in my approach to the subject matter. I am equally happy cutting alone or with a producer/director by my side.

"His understanding of editorial narrative and how to illustrate it is among the best I have come across."  - Jim Sayer - Executive Producer/Managing Director, Maverick Television 

"The greatest danger in employing James is that he will do all the work and finish early. James is a great editor, fantastically supportive in viewings and a born problem solver." -  Holly Dunkley, Producer/Director

Clips of many of my films are to be found on my website:




Download CV (Microsoft Word Document, 62.5 kB)