Slade Takala-Lamey


My Name is Slade, I am an editor with 12 years experience. I have recently moved from London and
am looking to make new connections and find work in the west country.
Here’s a little bit about me and what I’ve been doing thus far.
Here’s my showreel,

I’ve edited large scale broadcast content from Discovery to Talent Shows, Charity films, Docs,
Promos and Corporate. I am fast, I have flare and I’m told an exceptional ear for music. I self shoot
and have my own kit. I have an edit suite in my loft with VO Booth.
I came up though edit assisting 12 years ago, so I am organised and i know my way around the back
of the computer as well and the front. I use Premiere & Avid, After effects & Davinci.

I’ve spent a while in corporate, Audi, Telegraph and TfL to name but a few.

The most strangest job I’ve ever had was as Series and Promo Editor for Manoto1. It’s an Illegal
Iranian pirate channel with a liberal agenda, Made in Wandsworth with Iranian Talent and British
Creatives and Technicians, broadcast into Iran illegally, subverting the regime with light

Here are some References…
Slade worked with the team for a good couple of years on and off at TfL and really helped us to raise
our game as a team, first and foremost in editing but in many other ways as well. As well as being an
extremely talented editor, Slade provided his voice to many of our films and shot a great deal of our
footage. Creative and innovative, Slade has helped us to push our storytelling in a more creative
direction – helping us come up with several off the wall ideas for films, including one completely
based on using sound effects from our various modes of transport. When we’ve been short on kit, he
has helped us in improvising some low-fi solutions in creating improvised dolly’s & Steadicams. In a
small team like us, having someone with a versatile skill set, is a real money saver as well as being
extremely useful when we’re in a tight corner. Slade will always be one of the team and is much
missed by his colleagues back in London.
Paul Curtis – TFL Visual Services
Slade’s experience spans across large scale broadcast series, emotive charity videos, sleek
corporate content and promos. He is a perfectionist and entices the audience with his storytelling
techniques. As well as editing, he can grade and even has a VO booth for any voice over needs you
may have. Friendly and calm, Slade would be a great addition to your project.
Crewing Company

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