Andrew Yarme


Over 20 year’s professional freelance experience working in Film/Video production as a sound recordist/mixer. Owner of a portable eight input twelve track recorder with time code for both drama mixing and location audio. I have worked in over 85 countries, and have a strong interest in documentary, wildlife, scientific, historical, travel, drama, music, and environmental productions.

Additional information:

UK and US work visas/passports/

Jabbed up for world-wide travel/

Clean driving license(s)

Padi Scuba Diver/RYH Sailor

Qualified First Aider/Expedition First Aider/

Published Stills Photographer with Cannon D5MK2.

Experienced working in remote locations:
Jungles: Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, Africa, Borneo
Desert:Sahara, Namibia, Death Valley, Danakil
Boats/Subs: Alvin, and Nautile, Rov’s Jason, British Navel Nuclear Warhead Sub
Experience working in Caves Inverness, Patagonia. 
Filmed in both North and South Pole under harsh weather conditions

I have worked on numerous documentaries, music video’s, commercials and television dramas. Both as a Recordist and Assistant to Camera, I have specialist knowledge of HD, Digi Beta, DRS, 35/16mm film and DV production (also as a second camera operator).  I am very aware of budget constraints today and therefore I am flexible, offering multi skilling to the production. I enjoy working in a team, and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in film from Rhode Island School of Design. Please contact me for any additional information, references, etc.

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