David Cawte


After graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Media Production, Dave joined Films at 59 in 2008.  Over the next 3 years, as the industry transitioned from tape to data workflows, Dave worked as an Edit Assistant and then as an Offline Technical Assistant.  Since 2011, Dave has been working as a Workflow Supervisor, handling the delivery of many technically challenging Film and TV projects. He has managed in-house workflows for the likes of Africa, Broadchurch, Emergency Bikers, River Monsters, Countryfile and Enchanted Kingdom 3D.

During his time as a Workflow Supervisor, Dave has become fully conversant with the myriad of processes in a Post-Production pipeline, specialising in data management and file-based conforms.  Most recently, Dave has been spending his time acclimatising to UHD, high frame rate and file-based delivery workflows.


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