David Greathead


I am a Bristol and London based Offline editor with over two decades of experience in post production. I have worked for numerous facilities in London and started to work on a Freelance basis in 2010.


I’m a fast and efficient editor coupled with having a good sense of narrative and editorial judgement.  Over the years I’ve gained a broad experience of genres working with a variety of production companies including North One TV, Spun Gold and Talkback. I have delivereda wide variety of genres includingFactual Entertainment, Documentaries,On air promos and Corporate Films.  I have a good ear for music and a strong sense of timing. Irelish adding the final touches required to bring each film together to create the best final product for my client.


I’m passionate about film making and have a strong work ethic.I am as comfortable taking direction and shaping a film as I amcreatively collaborating or working independently to a brief.  However big or small the job is,it always receives my full commitment.


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