David Yapp


David joined Films in 1998, initially as a Foley artist.  Since 2000, he has combined his Foley skills with tracklay – which gives him great flexibility and creativity in his sound design.  He has a strong musical background, including a music degree, which has proven especially beneficial when collaborating with composers.

David has been the Dubbing Editor for many BBC Natural History Specials including Attenboroughs Wonder Of Eggs, Attenboroughs Wonder of Song and the award-winning H is for Hawk: A New Chapter.  Also recently for the Netflix nature documentaries Night On Earth and Animal for Plimsoll Productions.  He has been part of the drama teams on Teachers, Mistresses, Public Enemies and McDonald & Dodds and was lead Dubbing Editor/Foley Artist on children’s animations Love Monster for CBeebies and The Monster At The End Of This Story for Sesame Street/HBO for which he received an Emmy nomination.

David was the Dubbing Editor for the Jackson Hole 2009 award-winning programme Charles Darwins The Tree of Life, and for Amber the Russian Tiger, winner of the Sound Design Award at Missoula in 2009.

He was the Dubbing Editor for the award-winning BBC documentary series Drugsland and the music documentary feature Hustlers Convention.


Credits Include:

Animals Behaving Badly: BBC One
Camp Zambia: Blue Ant Media
Attenborough’s Wonder of Song: BBC One
Nigel Marven’s Ten Deadliest Snakes: Animal Planet
Hidden Kingdoms: BBC
The Great British Bake Off : Channel 4
The Numtums: Cbeebies
River Monsters: ITV


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