Dudley Houlden


I started my career in 1978 as a trainee in the BBC Film Department based at the Ealing Film Studios. My first years as an assistant were generally spent as a boomswinger on the drama and comedy series of the day which included programmes like Bergerac, Lovejoy and Miss Marple, but there were also excursions into larger jobs like music shoots.

I was made up to Recordist in 1994 and at that point I concentrated more on documentaries and that lead to a considerable amount of foreign travel which has included tracking polar bears in the arctic to finding lost  American servicemen in Vietnam.

Since leaving the BBC in 1996 I picked up a BAFTA factual sound nomination for Paddington Green, I have worked on several reality based projects requiring large numbers of radio mics, commercials and drama in the form of three feature films. All these projects have used most formats of camera from film, (16 & 35mm), through tape, disc and up to present day flash card based formats. My own equipment includes the ability to record multiple channels. (SD 664).

For further information please go to http://www.syncsound.co.uk

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