Eric Huyton


I’m highly experienced in lighting and filming for all genres of programming from observational documentary to drama, natural history and commercials.

I have worked frequently with the BBC and many other European Broadcasters, National Geographic, Discovery Channel. I’ve travelled extensively in Africa, Australia, the USA, Latin America, Middle East, Lapland, Europe and Canada and I’m no stranger to working in difficult and sometimes sensitive situations.

In the business and commercial sector, I have worked with Volvo Cars, Mitsubishi, British Telecom, Goldman Sachs, Proctor & Gamble, Vodafone, Lloyds Bank, Orange EE

I’m comfortable with all formats from HDV through to High Definition and 4K as well as 35mm film. F55, Arri Amira, C300, Sony / Panasonic High Def cameras, Sony A7S, Canon 5D.

I enjoy making good looking films with close attention to lighting and controlling what’s in the shot. I also enjoy ob doc and am able to read sensitive situations where tact is called for in order to get the right material and equally happy to ‘muck in’ if needed. I’m good with presenters and contributors and can work quickly when needed.

Experienced in long lens filming for wildlife and natural history programmes.

I’ve shot a series of car commercials for the Volvo S80 launch in the USA (35mm film), Mitsubishi (35mm film) and a number of in house films for Mitsubishi (Digi Beta & High Def)

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