Franz Ketterer


Franz has worked as an online editor and colourist with us since 2002. He operates Autodesk Flame and Avid Symphony suites.

Franz has worked across a huge variety of genres over the years. With his technical acumen, meticulous attention to detail, and creative eye, he has a loyal client base who benefit from his experience and calm demeanour.

He has been lead online editor on numerous landmark natural history series for the BBC, Netflix and Apple TV. Many have won prestigious awards, and Franz was a recipient of a team Emmy award for his contribution to Planet Earth II. He has also online-edited high profile television dramas such as Three Girls, and several acclaimed documentary feature films, including Julien Temple’s Glastonbury, Peter Gilbert’s Burning Ice and Stephen Finnigan’s Hawking.

Over the last few years Franz has led the introduction of cutting-edge formats and technology to Films at 59. He has played a key role in the post production of pioneering projects in stereoscopic 3D, Ultra High Definition and HDR grading, as well as in the development of Films at 59’s growing VFX department.


Credits Include:

Tiny World : Apple TV
Seven Worlds One Planet: BBC One
Night On Earth: Netflix
Our Planet: Netflix
Blue Planet II : BBC One
Planet Earth II : BBC One
McDonald and Dodds: ITV
Three Girls: BBC One
Panorama: BBC
Dispatches: How The Banks Went Bust : Channel 4
Cutting Edge: Mum, Heroin and Me : ITV


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