Gina Fucci


Gina is a people person and values the creative energy that makes our “world go round”.  She moved to England in 1988 and worked as a technician for a broadcast hire company.  In 1989, she joined Films of Bristol, hoping to assist documentary and drama film editors.

In 1990, Gina, Jeanne Thomson and a team of 4 individuals started Films at 59, to service clients during the turbulent 90’s.  The company has grown steadily over the past 25 + years to supply equipment, key creative talent and services to producers across the globe.

Gina’s ambition is to continue to help our industry grow by forging creative partnerships, bringing benefits to the region and enabling us to continue to punch above our weight on the world stage.

As a solutions-orientated individual, Gina will focus her efforts on listening to client needs and ambitions and marrying them up with the appropriate talent, workflows, and technology. She understands how technology can enhance creativity and how it can be harnessed to deliver cost efficiencies for the production chain.


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