Graham Hatherley


Graham Hatherley specialises in Documentary and Wildlife.  He has filmed documentaries up and down the UK and in extreme locations from the Sahara and Arabian Desert to Alaska, Svalbard and the Orinoco rainforest. Talent who have worked with him include: Chris Packham, Mike Dilger Miranda Krestovnikov, Bill Oddie, Richard Fortey, Timothy Dalton, David Lindo, Steve Backshall. Long lens natural history filming, presenter and contributor stories as well as macro sequences for television series are his principal areas of work.

NEW: Owner / Operator Varicam LT Cinema Camera: 4K / HD to 200fps, pre-rec, dual ISO sensor.

Drones: Current Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) for flying and filming with unmanned aerial vehicles in UK airspace and elsewhere up to 20kg.  Graham has been filming using drones in the UK and overseas for several years.

Remote first aid Qualification (REC) until May 2018

Vaccincations up to date.

Royal Television Society Best Camerawork Award (2003)

BSC in Biology and English Literature (2:1)

Recent cameras used include: Varicam LT Cinema Camera, RED Dragon, Sony F55, ARRI Alexa, Phantom Flex 4K, P2 Varicam, Sony XDCam &Canon DSLR’s.

Testimonials: “Graham Hatherley is an excellent cameraman: reliable, creative, hard working and able to get stunning long-lens material…, often under difficult circumstances or time pressures. He has contributed material to several of my series, including Springwatch, where time pressures can be crucial,…. He is also a joy to work with: friendly and supportive at all times. I recommend him very highly.” Stephen Moss, Former Series Producer, BBC Natural History Unit “Graham was the principle cameraman for 2 Natural Worlds I commissioned.  He did a brilliant job on both films, coping with difficult weather and elusive wildlife in Scotland, and with working high in the jungle canopy in Venezuela.  He has excellent field skills and is very versatile in the range of wildlife filming he can do. He’s a lovely person to work with, has a positive can-do attitude and is very easy to get on with.” Tim Martin, Executive Producer & Genre Lead for NHU Features 
BBC Natural History Unit  “Graham has proved invaluable on my recent NHU productions.  He has a keen eye for a shot and a genuine interest in his subject. Committed, caring and with great technical skill he’s captured the landscapes and animals which he’s filmed for me in such a way that his rushes have always been a genuine joy to watch.” Simon Bell, Producer, BBC Natural History Unit

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