Ingrid Domeij


Ingrid Domeij has worked as a Director of Photography and Lighting Cameraman for over 20 years.
She studied photography and film, and gained her first position in the photography department at BBC television center as a photographic assistant. After a couple of years, she moved into film and video, beginning by loading on pop promos at Tatooists amongst others, then at BBC Ealing as a camera assistant, and at the facilities company ‘Crow’, where after four years immerged into the freelance world as a Lighting Cameraman.
Ingrid has worked on various genres: documentaries such as ‘Equinox’ and ‘Horizon’; investigative programmes ,’Trial and Error’ and ‘Dispatches’; camera operator on TV features as ‘Kavanagh QC’, one episode being directed by Paul Greengrass; filming ‘The making of ‘Batman’; commercials; main special effects DOP on United Artists film “Hackers’; corporates including Sainsburys, CrossRail and Astra Zeneca. Happy to self direct if required.
Ingrid has travelled extensively. Her experiences include a travelogue in Yemen, and a film exposing bonded labour in Pakistan. At the other extreme, filming weddings in palaces for the Saudi Royal Family.
She has gained people skills to suit the occasion, and believes that kindness and laughter are a calming influence in meeting the pressures of filmmaking.
She enjoys being part of a team, being organized, and believing that a contented crew is essential to the creative process.
Ingrid juggled her family commitment to her sons by working locally, operating and lighting single location camera on a soap over some years. This included occasional visits into the studios to light for multi cameras.
Drama has been the dominant feature of her work for over 10 years.
She is currently one of the regular DOPs on BBC ‘Casualty’, where she has had to meet the wide variety of challenges associated with the production demands. She believes that images should subtly complement story telling and takes pride in her composition and use of light whilst under the pressure of time. She has embraced the scope that the Alexa camera offers.
Nothing gives her more satisfaction than the collaboration with a director. She is adaptable in fast changing situations, to both meeting demands of individuals and also equipment updates.
She is a firm believer in proper planning and preparation, also being flexible with the physical demands of long periods of hand holding when required.
Ingrid is enthusiastic and adaptable, whether responsible for a large camera unit, or working with a skeleton team. She values the collaboration with other departments. Through experience,
she is able to meet a tight schedule without compromising the quality of the programme, whilst also being aware of a safe working ethic for herself and the crew.
She owns her own HD camera, filters, accessories, sound kit and various mains and battery operated lights.
Ingrid lives in Bristol, with a base in London, and is happy to travel!

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