James Marshall


Based in Bath and London, I have been cutting factual programmes for over 20 years.

Prime time –  Channel 4  – BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3 AND BBC 4- Factual and Features – Food – History

This is what Exec Producer Jim Sayer of Maverick Television has to say about working with me:

“I have worked with James Marshall for over two years, and have found his editing to be of the very highest order. His understanding of editorial narrative and how to illustrate it is among the best I have come across. His extensive technical knowledge and mastery of Avid means that working alongside James is fast, efficient, and ultimately cost effective. His knowledge of post production outside of offline editing, such as graphics, rostrum and online editing, means that these areas are always considered and put to proper use when we are making programmes. Adept at working on his own, I am always happy for James to cut in my absence if shooting is needed during the edit.

In addition to his outstanding editing, James is a pleasure to work with – and seems to soak up pressure without any concern. With so many variables in programme making he is one constant that I would not hesitate to recommend when putting together a production team.”

In a review of a BBC 4 documentary, Clive James in the Telegraph wrote:

“With a script far more attractive than its subject, The Toilet: an Unspoken History (BBC Four) is surely destined to win every prize. …This was documentary film-making at its most grown up.”

The indy had this to say about my recent film:

“A Brief History of Graffiti, TV review: Wot, no Banksy? This was refreshingly off-the-wall.”

And the Guardian said this:

“Looming lankily like the bassist from an ascetic Manc art-pop band, Dr Richard Clay presents an overview of illicit daubs and scratches. Exhibit A is the wall of the Reichstag, scrawled on in charcoal by Russian soldiers; from there Clay loops back to cave paintings and Roman gladiator fan-art, through the lithographs of the Communards and on to the streets of New York. He keeps striving for killer phrasing without always finding it; when he does, during a whirling summary in a Paris alley, he’s compelling.”


Clips of my work can be found here:  www.jmedit.co.uk

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