James Thomson


Originally from The Yukon in Canada, I have been living in the UK for the past 20 years. Since 1994 I have gained extensive documentary and corporate experience as a London based freelance sound recordist working on a diverse range of programmes. I am accustomed to working in highly sensitive situations such as “The English Surgeon” for BBC Storyville where we filmed a brain surgeon in an operating theatre in Kiev and also in extreme environments such as the Sahara desert and Alaska where I recorded dialogue from a presenter flying at high altitudes in a heli-motor above the dunes and glaciers for Discovery USA.

Working with whatever situation arises, I always strive to aquire the best quality sound.  I use Schoeps and DPA microphones for both interior and exterior recording as this microphone choice allows me to provide a good overall sound for post-production. I am used to working without being connected to the camera and have the excellent Zaxcom two channel radio link as well as their ZFR timecode recorder. I am accustomed to working on single and multi camera productions and have worked with most video cameras from the Panasonic Varicam down to the Sony Z-1.

I recently relocated to Bristol and when not recording location sound I am often experimenting with sound treatments and atmospheres using various vintage electronic instruments in my studio.

Additional information / skills:

–    British and Canadian Passport holder – I do not require an I-Visa to work in the USA.

–    Bristol and London based

–    Conversational French

–    Full UK driving license

–    Excellent skiing, skating and swimming ability

–    BBC Health and Safety training course – Safe working with lights and cameras

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