Jonathan Doggett


I enjoy the art of editing immensely and relish the challenge offered by each new project. I possess a keen eye for detail across the timeline and a natural sense of rhythm and narrative. I am a hard-worker and completely committed to delivering any project to its fullest potential. I am a relaxed, friendly and calm person, traits which can be very beneficial in post-production.

My in depth knowledge of editing software allows me to work quickly and confidently on eitherAdobe Premiere, Avid or FCP. I hugely enjoy cutting a broad range of content, and embrace new challenges readily. This desire for new and diverse experiences has seen me work in New Zealand, Italy and Pakistan as well as a variety of facility and production houses, allowing me to gain vast experience and knowledge in technical capacities and workflows.

I can deliver a project from concept through to final grade and sound mix, and enjoy having a play on After Effects also.

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