Kevin Meredith


BBC Film Unit Cardiff and Bristol from 1987 – 1992. Freelance sound recordist for the last 18 years. Owner of complete sound kit including multi-track hard disc recorder for cable-free video shooting.

I’ve worked across all formats from Film to HD, with diverse crews, ranging from those with self-shooters to DOPs, and in varied environments and conditions including the arctic, volcanic, subterranean, subaquatic, high-altitude, rain forest and desert. I’ve undertaken extensive worldwide travel for shoots, including an award-winning feature and science/natural history/factual documentaries (please see Credits).  I enjoy the range from working on people orientated documentaries in a small team to multicamera productions.

US ‘I’ Visa held until June 2014.

I’ve undergone BBC/Centurion Hostile Environments Training for Category A Countries and First Aid training.

For a list of recent credits or to download a CV, click on the link below.

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