Mark Schofield


As a location sound recordist with almost 20 years of experience I have worked on several continents across a multitude of formats and genres ranging from film, drama and commercials to ENG, PSC, docos, entertainment, sports, news and current affairs.

If I had a preference it would probably be to work on documentaries as part of a close team. I find that way of working very rewarding – occasionally throwing in some creative input if appropriate and when free mucking in with whatever lifting, rigging or running is required to get the best for the production.

Over the years I have honed my personal skills to suit the special requirements of a sound recordist, tactfully achieving that tricky mic placement without unsettling contributors whilst doing my best to relax them.
For several years now wireless sound to camera has been the norm for me. I offer 6 tracks of iso audio – camera time-code synced and recorded on my solid state hard drive recorder. As standard I transmit an audio mix to the camera recording.

In the last few years I have worked on a few productions requiring specialist sound recorded with a parabolic mic. The parabolic mic rig was a great addition to my comprehensive sound recording kit and it is always a pleasure to work with. It is great for wildlife, isolating distant sounds, wildtrak atmos and some sports.

Making TV, video and film is my passion and I have produced a few of my own short films and corporate promos. I own a Sony FS700 camera and am also willing to operate as a fixed second camera if required. (master interview type setups if also recording sound).


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