Mike Caine


Mike Caine is a freelance Lighting Cameraman/DOP.

He is a fun and easy to work with operator, who is as happy in a team as he is working independently.  He has gained a reputation for being creative, instinctively getting those extra shots, reliable with and an eye for producing quality images and sequences.

Mike enjoys the variety of genres that he works on: Documentaries, Game Shows, Live Broadcast, Natural History, Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Sport, Drama, Factual to Commercials; happy on location, in the studio with actors, presenters and the public at large. Single and Multi Camera.



“Mike is my first choice as a cameraman. His lighting and composition are excellent and, as an operator, he has an uncanny habit of always finding the right part of the action, with the right framing, and holding it for the right amount of time. With his qualities as a hand held cameraman his proficiency as a Steadicam operator is no surprise!”


“From Hollywood to Hiroshima to err… Handsworth, I’ve worked with Mike on a wide range of programmes and greatly admire his creative talents as well as his sheer hard work:”


“Mike is one of the best cameramen I’ve ever hired. I’ve used him for numerous film shoots over the last 15 years, and he has never delivered less than superb images. His work ethic is impressive, particularly in obtaining shots before you ask for them – he has an instinctive eye. He’s also great fun to work with, which helps! Always the consummate professional lens man. Can’t recommend him highly enough:”


“From a director’s viewpoint, Mike is a rare breed; one of those cameraman with whom you are immediately in tune. His superb creativity and reliability to deliver the shots is second to none. Mike’s dedicated professionalism to keep going, after several hours of faultless hand-held shooting, is quite remarkable.”

Mike also has an extensive range of his own equipment and is familiar with the latest camera formats.  Happy to be booked with or without kit.

For more information please go to : www.mikecaine.com

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