Paul Donovan


Paul joined films in 2011, after spending 5 years mixing and tracklaying animation for American and UK producers alike. He worked alongside Bill Shultz and the team responsible for the Simpsons.

Drawing inspiration from Gary Rydsom, Waltern Murch and David Lynch, Paul loves to vary the soundtrack between realism and the abstract.

Paul was lead mixer on the BBC ‘Animal Babies’ and ‘First year on Earth’ as well as on Emmy nominated ‘Savage Kingdom’ for Nat Geo. His recent Documentary work includes the BBC ‘The Hunt for Britains Slave Gangs’ and ‘Back in Time for School’.

Paul was one the mixers on the BAFTA nominated series for Aardman Animations ‘Chock Socky Chooks‘ Having created the sound scapes for award winning director Heidi Morstang, Paul is due to record location sound, tracklay and mix her latest film.

Paul loves nothing more than a studio full of people and being involved within the production form the start.

As a keen filmmaker himself Paul has directed and produced short docs for festivals. Paul is also a musician and very amateur painter.


Credits Include:

Aids – The Unheard Tapes: BBC Two
The Last Bus : Netflix
Growing Up Animal: Disney Plus
Back in Time for School : BBC Two
Savage Kingdom : Nat Geo Wild
Shark Bites: CBBC
River Monsters: ITV


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