Scott Tibbles


Scott is a extremely experienced cameraman with over 25 years of working around the globe and UK on a diverse range of programming for the networks. This includes Wildllife documetary, presenter led , Observational, Multi camera, location ‘live’ shows, current affiars, children etc..

Having worked in numerous locations around the world several of them being extreme to include both the Arctic and Antarctica, from cold to the heat of the desert he can offer experience in all fields with a fresh approach on location working as part of a team or self directed. Working with production to achieve the required footage with in time and budget.

He can offer Underwater camerawork as well and has huge experience with all the relevant HSE dive qualifications as well as being an RYA Boat Powerboat and dive instructor happy to consult on any water based productions.

Avaliable to work within the UK and worldwide.

Living in Devon by the Sea has a fully setup VWT6 camper van for more UK/ Europe remote locations and where ‘Base’ can sometimes be an issue.

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