Stephen Brand


Stephen J Brand GBCT


DoP (1st and 2nd Unit) & Camera Operator

Stephen J Brand is a cinematographer, photographer and television lighting cameraman with over twenty years professional experience.

Based in the United Kingdom, his extensive credits include work for many major international broadcasters including the BBC, Nat Geo, Fox, SAT1, Al Rayyan, Sky, Discovery, Channel 4 & ITV, on dramas, commercials, promos, documentaries, factual, entertainment, corporate video, live OB, current affairs, and sports programming.

A highly adaptable camera operator, Stephen has been employed on almost every type of production, from working alone as a self-shooter on fast turnaround documentaries, to operating with large crews as a cinematographer on big budget productions.

His technical expertise covers the full range of shooting options currently available, up to and including the latest array of digital 35mm cameras in 2K to 8K; allowing him to capture breathtaking images right across the globe, from the wild remote islands of the Pacific to the high-tech cities of the Middle East.

Whatever the schedule, whatever the budget, Stephen always brings a wealth of film and television shooting experience, contributing his creativity and passion for cinema to every shot he captures.

His calm and well-informed approach to filmmaking mean he is adept at putting actors and presenters at ease and at filming in situations of a delicate or sensitive nature.

Whether shooting handheld on the streets of London or recording time-lapse sequences in the studio, Stephen’s aim is always to bring the vision of both producer and director to life, by transforming ideas into reality and putting them on the screen.

  • R20;BBC PassportR21; R11; HSE R11; R20;Safe Working With Cameras and Lights on Productions”
  • Valid US I VISA
  • Stephen has bases in Bristol & London

Contact: +44 (0) 7976 731 725 –

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