Steve Phillips


Creatively cutting Avid/FCP/ Premiere for over 20 years. All styles and genres. Starting in Beijing 1995, staff, 24 hr shifts, MTV style movie show. In Mandarin- semi fluent speaking. Combining Photoshop, After Effects and Avid. Return to UK in 2000. Bristol.

  • Cutting presenter-led docs: ‘Ray Mears Extreme Survival,’ Ob. docs e.g. ‘Everyone’s a Winner,’ Then Arts documentaries e.g, BBC4’s ‘Painting the Weather.’ Progress to stylised docu-dramas; ‘Raised Wild,’ re. feral children.
  • Bristol = Natural History Unit = blue chip landmark series ‘Wonders of the Monsoon'(BBC)and ‘North America,’ (Discovery Channel.) Character based docs: ‘ A Monkey’s Tale,’ issue-based films re. gorilla conservation, tiger shark attacks and man eating Lions. Live events: Springwatch and Autumnwatch (five consecutive years.) Plus magazine format: ‘Nature’s Weirdest Events with Chris Packham.’
  • Cardiff = Drama, Music & Arts = Movies: ’A Bit of Tom Jones,’and ‘The Devil’s Vice,’ by acclaimed director Peter Watkins Hughes.(Cinema release UK)
  • Music docs:’The Motown Invasion.’& Janet Jackson: Control. Multi-cam concerts e.g.:’Showtime at the Stadium.’

Edits in diverse locations e.g. Hawaii, Alice Springs, Patagonia, the Galapagos and the Masai Mara in Kenya e.g. ‘Big Cat Diary series 6.’ Nice.

Meboid Ltd. created in 2005. Editing company plus studio producing unique artistic short films, music videos, VJ events, GFX and web design. Design, Set build, directed, cut and graded 3 vids for Malachai album ‘Beyond Ugly,’ Domino Records. Tv Commercial e.g. 2D animated commercial for Chimney Sheep ltd.
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Current Activity: Finished cutting ‘Back in time for the Cornershop’ for Wall2Wall/ BBC2 then Prediting Our Planet: Halo for Silverback/ Netflix/WWF

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